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SimplyTime provides timeclocks, data collection and integration services to go with your Time & Attendance, Human Resources or Workforce Management system:

  • Find out how you can connect badge and biometric devices to your Time & Attendance, HR or Workforce Management system.
  • Our apps run on a variety of badge and biometric terminals, including Proximity, Barcode, Magstripe, Hand Geometry, Iris and Fingerprint.
  • Use your employee’s existing mobile phone as a geoaware mobile time clock and data collection terminal.
  • We push transactions from mobile devices or fixed mount timeclocks to your T&A or HR system in real-time. Calculate timecards and overtime right now
  • Things break, and thats part of life. Knowing in advance of your workforce is key to managing failure and risk.
  • In addition to capturing punches, empower your timeclock to become a full-features data interaction device. Two-way communication. One-way success.
  • Empowering employees to help themselves to the information that you already have. Save time. Save money.
  • Don’t have an effective scheduling front-end in your system? Use our web-based scheduler to assign shifts, manage time off and enforce schedule restrictions at the clock.
  • Our webapps provide management tools for configuring devices, managing users and schedules, and integrating to your backend HR or Workforce Management system.
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