Providing Time & Attendance data collection technology for business, government and education

Our goal at SimplyTime was to create a unique framework for connecting time collection devices with back-end Time & Attendance and Workforce Management systems.

We wanted to remove the technical mysteries of integrating hardware from different manufacturers, with different card or biometric technologies, and byzantine communications techniques.

The result of this is an embedded platform which provides a consistent user experience across a variety of timeclock hardware and mobile devices.

Our flexible back-end integration allows punch data from all devices to appear in your host system in real-time, regardless of the type of device it came from.

We have built expertise in a number of technology platforms and can help you with designing and deploying a branded and unique time collection system across your entire Enterprise.

Formerly known as Time & Technology, we have been developing terminal applications and communications for 15 years, and have a world-wide installed base.

Our Partner program enables vendors of Time & Attendance and HR systems to design a branded solution for bringing data collection to your customers in premisis or hosted formats.

Our Business program enables end-users to integrate our framework with in-house or legacy systems.

Please contact our Business and Partner Relations for more details.

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