Display Employee Self-Service data on any terminal or mobile device, including timecard, benefit balances and work schedules

Lets face it. Life really would be easier if employees could help themselves with the simple stuff.

Most of the information that your employee’s may need from an HR perspective is already in your system. You just need a easy and secure way to provide it to them, while keeping costs down. SimplyTime data terminals provide Employee Self-Service (ESS) functionality by pulling the necessary data from your servers, formatting it, and presenting at the timeclock.

ESS is particularly useful when employees don’t have access to a company PC, or you don’t want to provide a PC for security reasons. It’s dedicated to being a timeclock, but one that can present any of your HR data.

What about security and privacy? For more sensitive data, choose a biometric terminal to insure that employee’s only see their information. Biometrics, including hand geometry, iris and fingerprint allow you to deploy a terminal to any corner of your world without risk of data compromise.

So what can you display? It really depends on what you make available to our data pulling services:

  • timecards
  • work schedules
  • benefit balances
  • leave request status
  • FMLA information
  • personal messages
  • paystub details

You define what data, and how often we should pull it from your server. We collect the data, format for presentation, and distribute to each device. This process is fully automated and will run 24×7 to insure current data is always available to your employees.

No exports. No data conversions between systems. No figuring out how to move data from Point A to Point B. Empower your data so you can empower your employees.

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