Connect timeclocks to your Time & Attendance or Workforce Management system from anywhere with one framework

Biometric Timeclocks

Biometric Timeclocks

Connecting timeclocks to your Time & Attendance, HR or Workforce Management system could be complicated.

  • Communication protocols
  • Data formats
  • Biometrics
  • Polling
  • Schedules
  • Restrictions

These are some of the questions, or rather, challenges you face integrating technology from disparate manufacturers.

SimplyTime’s embedded framework provides a single platform on which data collection terminals from different manufactures, with different card technologies, or even different biometric sensors all peachfully exist with your back-end system.

Our integration server pull employees, schedules, messages and other employee data from your HR system and deploy to the terminal network. As punches are received, we push them right back into your transaction queue, in real-time.

Employees can punch, enter department transfers and tips, select assignments, transfer to jobs and enter production counts–or any other transaction you choose to support.

Supervisors can approve punches, manage overrides, review employee punch history and add missing punches.

Your IT staff can monitor or reprogram clocks remotely, change configurations and receive notification when there are issues.

Your HR system just goes about its day. No programming. No communications protocols. No juggling multiple manufacturers and incompatible technologies. Just process punches.

SimplyTime handles the details so you can handle HR. So whether its a badge reader, biometric clock, or a mobile device, SimplyTime provides a complete time data collection front-end.

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