Collect punches, department transfers, job hours, tips, time-off requests, expenses and any other validated or unvalidated information

Just because its a timeclock doesn’t mean it can’t still show off a little.

The purpose of a time clock is to capture your employee’s time. But as a data collection terminal, it can also handle transactions for a number of other tasks:

  • department transfers
  • jobs
  • leave requests
  • just about any other transaction your HR system requires.

Using a highly customizable profile, and our remote management and configuration portal, we (or you) can:

  • turn on buttons
  • change captions
  • enable pick lists
  • set the language
  • create a fully interactive data collection experience

By pulling validation data, such as job numbers, task assignments or department lists, from your HR system and automatically distributing down to each device, users will see current data and make fewer mistakes.

Billing employee time against jobs or costing labor to various departments can occur in real-time as employees choose the appropriate function at the clock.

So its like a PC, yet only does what you want. Useful but secure.

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