Turn any smartphone or tablet into a location-aware timeclock

We’re living the mobile dream. Why not take full advantage of it. For your mobile workers, our webapp provides a full featured timeclock matching the functionality of fixed hardware terminals. So your users can punch in or out, check benefit balances and schedules, and request time off just as they would at any other timeclock.

For Groups, a supervisor can perform Group Check In so that a crew can all start a job simultaneously from a single punch on the supervisors phone or tablet.

Validated job or task information is retrieved from your servers, along with balances and schedule data, and made available while the mobile user is offline. The provides the convenience of a fully connected real-time app while remaining fully functional as the user goes offline. Anytime the phone or tablet connects with the mobile or Wi-Fi network, pending punch transactions are uploaded.

Using the GPS receiver built into most phones and tablets, the GeoCordinates of each punch are captured and included with the punch time stamp, employee credential and action.

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