Live 24×7 monitoring identifies network or power issues, and notifies you before anyone else

You may not like it, but getting an email or text message in the middle of the night is part of your job, and its our job to make sure you get it. After all, payroll is tomorrow.

SimplyTime’s 24×7 device monitoring automatically notifies you when a device does not check in for any reason: network failure, device stoppage, tampering or any other blockage.

Many times, the issue may be transient and the network will fix itself. In those cases, the timeclocks will continue to operate and collect your timecard punches. When the issue goes away, punch transactions will resume flowing and queued transactions are sent to our servers and on to yours with no loss of data.

Audit trails are also a key aspect of device monitoring and maintenance. Each power cycle, supervisor interaction, device reconfiguration, enrollment or failed punch attempt is captured in the system logs and stored for 60 days (configurable). These logs are available to you via the web interface for keeping tabs on both planned and unplanned events.

Then there are the issues such as, “what if I need to install an update, or remotely reboot a device”. Our web management interface provides the tools to push out updates, reboot, and track device metrics.

Important also is the security and privacy of your data. SimplyTime employs SSL for encryption during all communications between the timeclocks and the servers, and between the servers and your browser.

Further, our SaaS infrastructure is safely operated within the Amazon EC2 virtual compute environment, complete with load balancing and full redundancy. Amazon’s full security and privacy model can be found here.

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