Push data into any Time & Attendance, HR or Workforce Management system, including Legacy systems

Real-time push from the timeclock to your database. See timecard totals immediately.

One of the things we have spent years building are interfaces to many common platforms, allowing your SimplyTime data collection terminal to push data via our servers to your Time & Attendance, HR or Workforce Management system.

Punches are pushed by the timeclock to our servers in near real-time, usually within 2-3 seconds of the punch. Our server in-turn pushes the punches to your servers within another second or two. Should failures occur anywhere in the middle (e.g. your network connection to the Internet is temporarily down), punches remain in a queue and retry until connectivity is restored. No data will ever be compromised.

Integration options include:

  • Webservices via our RESTful SimplyAPI
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • others

Legacy platforms such as AS/400 iSeries, Unix and other Big Iron are also supported targets for the Transaction Push System.

Incoming punch transactions can include any of our collected attributes, including badge number, date/time of punch, collected data such as department, task or assignment, device name where the punch originated, and if from a mobile device, the latitude/longitude and geocoded address information.

Not ready to capture geo coordinates? No problem. Let us push basic transaction data to your server, then use our management interface to review punch data on a map or review audit reports when needed.

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