Generate employee schedules, track availability and enforce restrictions

So you’ve got this great clock, now what? Employee scheduling is a key part to managing time, and a necessary component of enforcing schedule restrictions when employee’s are punching in.

We built scheduling and availability into our management interface as many of our customers didn’t have a suitable schedule front-end to use. Or perhaps you already have scheduling, but need a clock-facing version to enforce restrictions.

In either case, with SimplyTime’s Scheduler you can create and view employee schedules online. Schedules are then automatically sent to your clocks so employee’s can view their upcoming work schedule at the clock. Optionally, the clock can use the schedules to enforce restrictions.

And lets not forget mobile. Work schedules are published automatically in the SimplyTime mobile apps, available on your employee’s smart phone or tablet.

Importing. If your system already generates schedules, we can import them into SimplyTime on a periodic basis (e.g. every day or even every hour), or you can use our SimplyAPI RESTful webservice interface to push schedules to our servers on-demand, resulting in a real-time schedule presentation to your employees.

So join SimplyTime and put schedules to work for your workforce today.

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