Category Title Description
Nextsoft Nextsoft Printing Problems Troubleshooting checklist to follow for Nextsoft printer connection issues.
Nextsoft Set up Nextsoft login on a new computer Steps to take on a new computer to get the Nextsoft Login / Citrix drivers to work.
F-Series Hardware Reader Cleaning How to perform a complete cleaning.
Handlink Handlink Offline Handlink shows a red RESUME button.
F-Series Hardware Reader Errors & Warnings Warnings & errors descriptions table
F-Series Hardware Configure IP Address How to enter an IP address into your reader
F-Series Hardware Cold Boot How to cold boot your reader
Handlink Custom Menu Issues No punches after adding custom menu.
F-Series Hardware Ethernet Upgrade Upgrade F-Series Ethernet Module
Handlink Moving Handlink How to move Handlink
Handlink Registering a Handlink file Instructions on registering a Handlink file
F-Series Hardware Create Custom Menu How to create a custom menu
Handlink Create Custom Menu How to create a custom menu
Mobile Clock MobileClock shortcut instructions Add MobileClock to home screen
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