Use our Web based management interface to deploy devices, manage users and create schedules. All from the comfort of your phone or tablet

Managing devices across multiple locations, countries or languages is handled by our central web interface. Log-in from your phone, tablet or PC’s browser to setup new devices, manage users or

configure a clock. Changes are immediate and notifications can be created which let you know when any device goes offline.

Use grouping to define logical groups of devices and employees, thereby restricting unauthorized punching.

Employee messaging is used to push messages to each clock on a user-by-user basis, or as a group message. User your smartphone to queue messages such as “Happy Birthday” or “Your Promoted”.

Of course, you could also implement surveys, safety questionnaires and compliance notices, depending on your needs.

One of the really cool features of the SaaS based web management is device deployment. After choosing the clocks or mobile platform you’ll go with, we ship your devices to you preprogramed and ready to be installed.

When fired up for the first time, devices check-in with the web portal and register themselves with your account. All you need to do is log into the management portal and activate the device, assign to a device group and immediately employees will be available for enrollment or, in the case of badge terminals, immediate use.

Doesn’t get much easier.

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